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7 benefits of Chemical peel

Chemical peel is a non-surgical skin care treatment that gently enhances the skin texture and resurfaces the skin, removing the damaged top layers. It is one of the most preferred treatments which are widely used to reduce appearance of fine lines, cure damaging skin conditions such as acne scarring, sun damage and blemishes.

There are many incredible benefits to doing chemical peels as long as they are tailored for your skin type. It’s important first to understand how chemical peels work.

A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate skin and improve its appearance. Old skin peels off, replaced by new, healthy skin. A peel accomplishes this by disrupting the bonds between dead skin cells and speeding up your skin cell turnover rate. Peels also cause your body's fibroblast to increase collagen production, which improves skin firmness, evens out skin tone, helps prevent acne breakouts and causes acne scars to fade.

Peels are beneficial for many skin conditions, including hyper pigmentation, post inflammatory acne discoloration, and scarring left behind by pimples. Acne scarring occurs when internal inflammation attacks the bacteria inside the pores as a means of defense, which leads to post-inflammatory scarring. Furthermore, the more inflammation, the more likely the breakout can leave scarring.

When treating acne and acne scars, the optimal treatment option often incorporates a comprehensive skin care regimen, and the right skin care regimen will not only reduce the possibilities of future breakouts, but lessen the

chances of future acne scarring. Although a series of chemical peels will offer improvement, incorporating other treatment options like micro-needling and laser resurfacing, when added to your skin care treatment plan, can promote better results. However, keep in mind multiple treatments are usually necessary for the correction of treating acne and acne scars.

For acne and other issues, a series of chemical peels work in tangent with other in-office treatments like laser resurfacing treatments. This combination can be very beneficial, but it’s imperative to talk to your dermatologist about your particular skin type and any concerns about different skin care regimens. Both treatments focus on regenerating the skin and can minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.

Chemical peels safe for skin but few common side effects can occur such as mild irritation, redness, and peeling. These side effects will usually last for only a few days.

So remember ,Great skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment.Head over to Dr.Skin to consult with our panel of qualified dermatologists choose to the best solution for you.” Patients who decide to undergo a chemical peel should carefully follow their doctor’s instructions for pre- and post-procedure care so that they minimize the potential for adverse side effects.

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