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In today’s excessive lifestyle of constant stress, bad diets and genetics play the most important role of shedding the hair on your head. Hair loss is not restricted to men as women are also subject to hair loss under various conditions. As hair plays a crucial part in the self confidence and self image of a person it is vital for anyone dealing with hair loss to tackle it at the earliest with the best remedies and treatment available today. The clinical onset of baldness of men and women is mostly from 30 to 40 years and these changes can be permanent if not acted upon fast. A strong family history is also one the major reasons behind male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Like most tissues, hair undergoes a continuous turnover throughout life.

Hair loss can be a very easy thing to trace. You can notice a certain thinning of hair and parts of your scalp would be much more visible. You can see fallen hair on your pillow and after you bath. Once you determine that you are losing hair it is recommended you visit a hair clinic to understand which stage you are in and to assess the damage.

Hair loss can be caused by a multitude of problems from genetics to living conditions. There are two medications which are officially approved finasteride and minoxidil which increase hair density and decreases further hair loss but does not promote new hair growth. Finasteride is a selective type II 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor that prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It is taken in 1-mg pill form once daily and is well tolerated. Minoxidil was developed as an antihypertensive medication but was found to increase hair survival by an unknown mechanism. The problem is that these drugs have noticeable side effects from skin rashes to decreased libido in men. These can be effective in the long run but dependence of these drugs can have serious impacts on your life both medically and mentally. Once they medications are discontinued the hair fall restarts again with much more vigor. It is not a permanent solution.

We at Dr. Skin take patients with all kinds of hair conditions. We use what is considered the gold standard in hair restoration surgery, follicular unit transplant. Basically known as hair transplant it is the moving of the healthy hair follicles from and active area to the damaged area. These follicular units are placed into the recipient site individually. Utilizing the follicular unit allows for greater density, faster healing, and fewer traumas to the existing hairs in the recipient area. These would replace the dead follicles and will continue its growth in the affected area thus filling up the empty patches.This is a tried and proved method for curing balding and hair loss and the results are permanent.

At Dr.Skin,we use advanced methods to analyze the affected area and then the action plan for the treatment process is explained to the patient. All our hair transplant treatments have been successful with many happy customer.

#5. Am I too young or old for hair transplant? How can I plan my hair transplant surgery?

Although age is no bar for hair transplantation, the pros and cons of a transplant need to be carefully evaluated in the younger patients. Patients between 20 and 30 years of age should have a stabilized rate of hair loss before they are considered for hair transplantation. A detailed family history is useful in assessing hair loss and planning a new hairline. The colour, quality, and density of the donor hair, as well as the contrast between the hair and the skin colours, are important factors that affect the result.

We at Dr.Skin help in planning as it is an important stage in hair transplanting. We guide you and suggest you the best fit for your hairline. Sometimes, single hair grafts are used to create a natural hairline. The hairline is the most visible landmark and the quality of work is often judged by the quality of the hairline.

We assure you the best quality services at the best rates.

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